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       mca_write_pos - read POS register from card


       void mca_write_pos  (int slot, int reg, unsigned char byte);


       slot   slot number to read from

       reg    register to read from

       byte   byte to write to the POS registers


       Store  a  POS value directly from the hardware. You should not normally
       need to use this function and should have a very good knowledge of  MCA
       bus before you do so. Doing this wrongly can damage the hardware.

       This function may not be used from interrupt context.

       Note  that  this  a technically a Bad Thing, as IBM tech stuff says you
       should only set POS  values  through  their  utilities.  However,  some
       devices  such  as  the 3c523 recommend that you write back some data to
       make sure the configuration is consistent. I’d say that IBM  is  right,
       but I like my drivers to work.

       This  function  can’t  do checks to see if multiple devices end up with
       the same resources, so you might see magic smoke if someone screws  up.


       Alan Cox <>, David Weinehall, Chris Beauregard.