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       nand_verify_pages - [GENERIC] verify the chip contents after a write


       int nand_verify_pages  (struct mtd_info * mtd, struct nand_chip * this,
                                int page, int numpages, u_char * oob_buf,
                                struct nand_oobinfo * oobsel, int chipnr,
                                int oobmode);


       mtd    MTD device structure

       this   NAND chip structure

       page   startpage  inside  the  chip,  must  be  called  with  (page   &

              number of pages to verify

              out of band data buffer

       oobsel out of band selecttion structre

       chipnr number of the current chip

              1 = full buffer verify, 0 = ecc only


       The  NAND  device assumes that it is always writing to a cleanly erased
       page. Hence, it performs its internal write verification only  on  bits
       that  transitioned  from  1  to 0. The device does NOT verify the whole
       page on a byte by byte basis. It is possible  that  the  page  was  not
       completely  erased  or  the  page is becoming unusable due to wear. The
       read with ECC would catch the error  later  when  the  ECC  page  check
       fails,  but  we  would  rather  catch it early in the page write stage.
       Better to write no data than invalid data.


       Thomas Gleixner <>.