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       pci_enable_msix - configure device’s MSI-X capability structure


       int pci_enable_msix  (struct pci_dev * dev,
                              struct msix_entry * entries, int nvec);


       dev    pointer to the pci_dev data structure of MSI-X device function

              pointer to an array of MSI-X entries

       nvec   number of MSI-X  vectors  requested  for  allocation  by  device


       Setup the MSI-X capability structure of device function with the number
       of requested vectors upon its software driver call to request for MSI-X
       mode  enabled  on  its  hardware  device  function.  A  return  of zero
       indicates the successful configuration of  MSI-X  capability  structure
       with  new allocated MSI-X vectors. A return of < 0 indicates a failure.
       Or a return of > 0 indicates  that  driver  request  is  exceeding  the
       number  of  vectors  available. Driver should use the returned value to
       re-send its request.