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       pci_find_capability - query for devices’ capabilities


       int pci_find_capability  (struct pci_dev * dev, int cap);


       dev    PCI device to query

       cap    capability code


       Tell  if  a device supports a given PCI capability. Returns the address
       of  the  requested  capability  structure  within  the   device’s   PCI
       configuration  space  or  0  in  case  the  device does not support it.
       Possible values for cap:

        PCI_CAP_ID_PM Power  Management  PCI_CAP_ID_AGP  Accelerated  Graphics
       Port   PCI_CAP_ID_VPD   Vital   Product   Data  PCI_CAP_ID_SLOTID  Slot
       Identification    PCI_CAP_ID_MSI    Message    Signalled     Interrupts
       PCI_CAP_ID_CHSWP     CompactPCI     HotSwap    PCI_CAP_ID_PCIX    PCI-X
       PCI_CAP_ID_EXP PCI Express