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       proc_pid_unhash - Unhash /proc/pid entry from the dcache.


       struct dentry * proc_pid_unhash  (struct task_struct * p);


       p      task that should be flushed.


       Drops the /proc/pid dcache entry from the hash chains.

       Dropping   /proc/pid  entries  and  detach_pid  must  be  synchroneous,
       otherwise e.g. /proc/pid/exe might point to the  wrong  executable,  if
       the  pid value is immediately reused. This is enforced by - caller must
       acquire spin_lock(p->proc_lock) - must be called  before  detach_pid  -
       proc_pid_lookup  acquires  proc_lock, and checks that the target is not
       dead by looking at the attach count of PIDTYPE_PID.