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       search_bbt - [GENERIC] scan the device for a specific bad block table


       int search_bbt  (struct mtd_info * mtd, uint8_t * buf,
                         struct nand_bbt_descr * td);


       mtd    MTD device structure

       buf    temporary buffer

       td     descriptor for the bad block table


       Read the bad block table by searching for a given ident pattern. Search
       is preformed either from the beginning up or from the end of the device
       downwards. The search starts always at the start of  a  block.  If  the
       option  NAND_BBT_PERCHIP  is  given,  each  chip is searched for a bbt,
       which contains  the  bad  block  information  of  this  chip.  This  is
       neccecary to provide support for certain DOC devices.

       The  bbt  ident  pattern resides in the oob area of the first page in a


       Thomas Gleixner <>.