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       snd_card_proc_new - create an info entry for the given card


       int snd_card_proc_new  (snd_card_t * card, const char * name,
                                snd_info_entry_t ** entryp);


       card   the card instance

       name   the file name

       entryp the pointer to store the new info entry


       Creates a new info entry and assigns  it  to  the  given  card.  Unlike
       snd_info_create_card_entry,  this  function registers the info entry as
       an ALSA device component,  so  that  it  can  be  unregistered/released
       without  explicit call. Also, you don’t have to register this entry via
       snd_info_register, since this will be registered  by  snd_card_register

       The parent is assumed as card->proc_root.

       For    releasing   this   entry,   use   snd_device_free   instead   of

       Returns zero if successful, or a negative error code on failure.