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       snd_dma_alloc_pages_fallback  -  allocate  the buffer area according to
       the given type with fallback


       int snd_dma_alloc_pages_fallback  (int type, struct device * device,
                                           size_t size,
                                           struct snd_dma_buffer * dmab);


       type   the DMA buffer type

       device the device pointer

       size   the buffer size to allocate

       dmab   buffer allocation record to store the allocated data


       Calls the memory-allocator function for the corresponding buffer  type.
       When  no  space  is  left,  this function reduces the size and tries to
       allocate again. The size  actually  allocated  is  stored  in  res_size

       Returns   zero   if  the  buffer  with  the  given  size  is  allocated
       successfuly, other a negative value at error.