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       strncpy_from_user - Copy a NUL terminated string from userspace.


       long strncpy_from_user  (char * dst, const char __user * src,
                                 long count);


       dst    Destination address, in kernel space. This  buffer  must  be  at
              least count bytes long.

       src    Source address, in user space.

       count  Maximum number of bytes to copy, including the trailing NUL.


       Copies a NUL-terminated string from userspace to kernel space.

       On  success,  returns  the  length  of  the  string  (not including the
       trailing NUL).

       If access to userspace fails, returns -EFAULT (some data may have  been

       If  count  is smaller than the length of the string, copies count bytes
       and returns count.