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       uart_get_baud_rate - return baud rate for a particular port


       unsigned int uart_get_baud_rate  (struct uart_port * port,
                                           struct termios * termios,
                                           struct termios * old,
                                           unsigned int min,
                                           unsigned int max);


       port   uart_port structure describing the port in question.

              desired termios settings.

       old    old termios (or NULL)

       min    minimum acceptable baud rate

       max    maximum acceptable baud rate


       Decode  the  termios structure into a numeric baud rate, taking account
       of the magic 38400 baud rate (with spd_* flags),  and  mapping  the  B0
       rate to 9600 baud.

       If  the  new baud rate is invalid, try the old termios setting. If it’s
       still invalid, we try 9600 baud.

       Update the termios structure to reflect the baud  rate  we’re  actually
       going to be using.