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       usb_driver_claim_interface - bind a driver to an interface


       int usb_driver_claim_interface  (struct usb_driver * driver,
                                         struct usb_interface * iface,
                                         void * priv);


       driver the driver to be bound

       iface  the  interface  to  which  it  will be bound; must be in the usb
              device’s active configuration

       priv   driver data associated with that interface


       This is used by usb device drivers that need to  claim  more  than  one
       interface  on  a  device  when  probing  (audio  and  acm  are  current
       examples).  No  device   driver   should   directly   modify   internal
       usb_interface or usb_device structure members.

       Few drivers should need to use this routine, since the most natural way
       to bind to an interface is to return the private data from the driver’s
       probe method.

       Callers   must   own   the   device   lock   and   the  driver  model’s
       usb_bus_type.subsys writelock. So driver probe entries don’t need extra
       locking,  but  other  call  contexts may need to explicitly claim those