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       usb_driver_release_interface - unbind a driver from an interface


       void usb_driver_release_interface  (struct usb_driver * driver,
                                            struct usb_interface * iface);


       driver the driver to be unbound

       iface  the interface from which it will be unbound


       This can be used by drivers to release an interface without waiting for
       their  disconnect  methods  to  be  called.  In typical cases this also
       causes the driver disconnect method to be called.

       This call is synchronous, and may not be used in an interrupt  context.
       Callers   must   own   the   device   lock   and   the  driver  model’s
       usb_bus_type.subsys writelock. So driver disconnect entries don’t  need
       extra  locking,  but  other  call contexts may need to explicitly claim
       those locks.