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       usb_get_status - issues a GET_STATUS call


       int usb_get_status  (struct usb_device * dev, int type, int target,
                             void * data);


       dev    the device whose status is being checked

       type   USB_RECIP_*; for device, interface, or endpoint

       target zero (for device), else interface or endpoint number

       data   pointer to two bytes of bitmap data


       !in_interrupt ()


       Returns  device,  interface,  or  endpoint  status.  Normally  only  of
       interest  to  see  if  the  device  is self powered, or has enabled the
       remote wakeup facility; or whether a  bulk  or  interrupt  endpoint  is
       halted (‘‘stalled’’).

       Bits in these status bitmaps are set using the SET_FEATURE request, and
       cleared using the CLEAR_FEATURE request.  The  usb_clear_halt  function
       should be used to clear halt (‘‘stall’’) status.

       This  call is synchronous, and may not be used in an interrupt context.

       Returns the number of bytes received on success,  or  else  the  status
       code returned by the underlying usb_control_msg call.