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       usb_register_dev - register a USB device, and ask for a minor number


       int usb_register_dev  (struct usb_interface * intf,
                               struct usb_class_driver * class_driver);


       intf   pointer to the usb_interface that is being registered

              pointer to the usb_class_driver for this device


       This should be called by all USB drivers that use the USB major number.
       If  CONFIG_USB_DYNAMIC_MINORS  is  enabled,  the  minor  number will be
       dynamically allocated out of the list of available ones. If it  is  not
       enabled,  the  minor  number  will  be based on the next available free
       minor, starting at the class_driver->minor_base.

       This function also creates a usb class device in the sysfs tree.

        usb_deregister_dev must be called when the driver  is  done  with  the
       minor numbers given out by this function.

       Returns  -EINVAL  if  something  bad  happens with trying to register a
       device, and 0 on success.