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       usb_reset_device - perform a USB port reset to reinitialize a device


       int usb_reset_device  (struct usb_device * udev);


       udev   device to reset (not in SUSPENDED or NOTATTACHED state)


       WARNING  -  don’t  reset  any  device  unless  drivers  for  all of its
       interfaces are expecting that reset! Maybe  some  driver->reset  method
       should eventually help ensure sufficient cooperation.

       Do  a  port  reset,  reassign  the  device’s address, and establish its
       former operating configuration. If the reset  fails,  or  the  device’s
       descriptors  change from their values before the reset, or the original
       configuration and altsettings cannot be restored, a flag  will  be  set
       telling  khubd  to  pretend  the  device has been disconnected and then
       re-connected. All drivers will be  unbound,  and  the  device  will  be
       re-enumerated and probed all over again.

       Returns  0  if  the  reset  succeeded,  -ENODEV  if the device has been
       flagged for logical disconnection, or some other negative error code if
       the reset wasn’t even attempted.

       The caller must own the device lock. For example, it’s safe to use this
       from a driver probe routine after downloading new firmware.  For  calls
       that might not occur during probe, drivers should lock the device using