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       video_register_device - register video4linux devices


       int video_register_device  (struct video_device * vfd, int type,
                                    int nr);


       vfd    video device structure we want to register

       type   type of device to register

       nr     which device number (0 == /dev/video0, 1 == /dev/video1, ...  -1
              == first free)


       The   registration  code  assigns  minor  numbers  based  on  the  type
       requested. -ENFILE is  returned  in  all  the  device  slots  for  this
       category  are  full.  If not then the minor field is set and the driver
       initialize function is called (if non NULL).

       Zero is returned on success.

       Valid types are

        VFL_TYPE_GRABBER - A frame grabber

        VFL_TYPE_VTX - A teletext device

        VFL_TYPE_VBI - Vertical blank data (undecoded)

        VFL_TYPE_RADIO - A radio card