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       vsnprintf - Format a string and place it in a buffer


       int vsnprintf  (char * buf, size_t size, const char * fmt,
                        va_list args);


       buf    The buffer to place the result into

       size   The size of the buffer, including the trailing null space

       fmt    The format string to use

       args   Arguments for the format string


       The return value is the number of characters which would  be  generated
       for  the  given  input, excluding the trailing ’\0’, as per ISO C99. If
       you want to have the exact number of characters  written  into  buf  as
       return  value (not including the trailing ’\0’), use vscnprintf. If the
       return is greater than or  equal  to  size,  the  resulting  string  is

       Call  this  function  if  you  are  already dealing with a va_list. You
       probably want snprintf instead.