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       z8530_rx - Handle a PIO receive event


       void z8530_rx  (struct z8530_channel * c);


       c      Z8530 channel to process


       Receive  handler for receiving in PIO mode. This is much like the async
       one but not quite the same or as complex


       Its intended that this handler can easily be separated  from  the  main
       code  to  run realtime. That’ll be needed for some machines (eg to ever
       clock 64kbits on a sparc ;)).

       The RT_LOCK macros don’t do anything now. Keep the code covered by them
       as  short  as  possible  in  all  circumstances - clocks cost baud. The
       interrupt handler is assumed to be atomic w.r.t. to other code  -  this
       is true in the RT case too.

       We  only  cover  the sync cases for this. If you want 2Mbit async do it
       yourself  but  consider  medical  assistance  first.   This   non   DMA
       synchronous  mode  is  portable code. The DMA mode assumes PCI like ISA

       Called with the device lock held


       Alan Cox <>.