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       mca_set_adapter_procfn -  Set the /proc callback


       void mca_set_adapter_procfn (int slot, MCA_ProcFn procfn, void*dev);


       slot         slot to configure

       procfn       callback function to call for /proc

       dev          device information passed to the callback


       This sets up an information callback for /proc/mca/slot?.  The function
       is called with the buffer, slot, and device pointer  (or  some  equally
       informative  context  information,  or  nothing, if you prefer), and is
       expected to put useful information into the buffer.  The adapter  name,
       ID,  and  POS  registers  get  printed before this is called though, so
       don’t do it again.

       This should be called with a NULL procfn  when  a  module  unregisters,
       thus preventing kernel crashes and other such nastiness.