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       proc_dostring -  read a string sysctl


       int proc_dostring (ctl_table *table, int write, struct file *filp, void
       *buffer, size_t *lenp);


       table        the sysctl table

       write        TRUE if this is a write to the sysctl file

       filp         the file structure

       buffer       the user buffer

       lenp         the size of the user buffer


       Reads/writes a string from/to the user buffer.  If  the  kernel  buffer
       provided  is  not  large  enough  to  hold  the  string,  the string is
       truncated. The copied string is  NULL-terminated.   If  the  string  is
       being read by the user process, it is copied and a newline ’0 is added.
       It is truncated if the buffer is not large enough.

       Returns 0 on success.