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       DIETTestTool - Example of a tool for DIET using the LogCentral


       DIETTestTool  -  Example  of a tool that connects to the LogCentral without any filter and
       that display all the messages published. It is used as an example for  the  DIET  program.
       All received published messages are also stored in a log file.


          DIETTestTool [options] ...


       DIETTestTool  connects  to  the  LogCentral  and  get the messages (by default all, a file
       containing filters may be passed as an argument). The  tool  both  display  and  save  the
       messages  in  a  log  file.  This log file may be given or will be created with a fix name

       Before starting the LogCentral, you must:

       · launch a CORBA Naming Service.

       · launch log forwarders if needed

       · launch LogCentral service

       · Launch the DIETTestTool

       · Use a component to publish messages


       · The first argument is the destination output file that will contain the displayed logs.

       · The second one is a filter to use in the tool

       [Remark: There is no option letter, the order is fixed]


       · Launching the LogCentral

          LogCentral -config ./LogCentral.cfg

       · Launching the tool


       · Launching the tool to store the logs in the toto.log file

          DIETTestTool toto.log

       · Launching the tool to store the logs in  the  toto.log  file  with  the  filter  in  the
         filter.txt file

          DIETTestTool toto.log filter.txt


       The  LogTool  uses  CORBA  as  its  communication  layer. While it's a flexible and robust
       middleware, its deployement on heterogeneous networks still is delicate  and  may  require
       using ssh tunnels.


       (C)2011,  GRAAL,  INRIA  Rhone-Alpes,  46  allee d'Italie, 69364 Lyon cedex 07, France all
       right reserved <>

       This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or mod‐ ify it under the  terms
       of  the  GNU General Public License as pub‐ lished by the Free Software Foundation, either
       version 3 of the License,  or  (at  your  option)  any  later  version.  This  program  is
       distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the
       implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR  A  PARTICULAR  PURPOSE.  See  the  GNU
       General  Pub-  lic  Li‐ cense for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU
       General   Public   License    along    with    this    program.    If    not,    see    <‐>.


       GRAAL  INRIA  Rhone-Alpes  46  allee  d'Italie  69364  Lyon  cedex  07,  FRANCE  Email: <‐> WWW:


       omniNames(1), logForwarder(1), LogCentral(1), testComponent(1)



       License: GPLv3


       DIET developers