Provided by: hscolour_1.24.4-2_amd64 bug


       HsColour - generate colourised output for Haskell code


       HsColour options [file.hs]


       HsColour  is  a program that colourises Haskell code. It currently has six output formats:
       ANSI terminal codes, HTML 3.2 with <font> tags, HTML 4.01 with CSS, XHTML 1.0 with  inline
       CSS styling, LaTeX, and mIRC chat client codes.

   Flag reference:
              Print out version information.

       -help  A rudimentary help message.

              Write the output to the specified file.

       -tty   Write output with ANSI terminal code colours (this is the default).

       -html  Write output in HTML 3.2 format with font tags.

       -css   Write output in HTML 4.01 format with CSS styling.

       -icss  Write output in XHTML 1.0 format with inline CSS styling.

       -latex Write output as LaTeX source code.

       -mirc  Output for IRC.

       -lit   When  outputting  HTML etc, inform HsColour that the input Haskell code is Literate

              When outputting LaTeX, inform HsColour that the  input  Haskell  code  is  Literate

              In HTML mode add named anchors.

              Create  output  fragments (ie omit the HTML DOCTYPE header, CSS stylesheet link, or
              LaTeX prologue) for embedding in a larger document.

              Print out the default CSS definitions, in case you lose the .css file.

       -nolit Turn off -lit mode.

              Turn off -anchor mode.

              Turn off -partial mode.

       The HsColour homepage is at .


       Copyright © 2003-2009 Malcolm Wallace and Bjorn Bringert

       This program comes with NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.  You may redistribute
       copies  of  this  program  under  the  terms  of the GNU General Public License.  For more
       information about these matters, see the file named COPYING.


       The text for this page was constructed from HsColour's main web page  by  Erik  de  Castro
       Lopo <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).