Provided by: limesuite_18.06.0+dfsg-1build1_amd64 bug


       LimeUtil - control and update LMS7 based transceiver devices


       LimeUtil [OPTIONS]


       LimeUtil  is  a  tool to show information about and control LMS7 based transceiver devices
       such as the LimeSDR.  It can be used to update the firmware and to calibrate the device.


       --help Print a help message.

       --info Print information about LimeSuite and found devices.

              Discover available devices, restricted to those matching the SPEC if given.  If  no
              matching devices are found it will exit with exit status 1.

              Create a device instance.

   Advanced options
              Supply arguments ARGS to the --update, --fpga and --fw options.

              Download latest firmware and program it into the device flash memory.

              Program FPGA firmware image in FILE to device flash memory.

              Program FX3 firmware image in FILE to device flash memory.

              Time interfaces and operations.

   Calibrations sweep
              Calibrate device. Use ARGS to select and configure device.

              Start calibration sweep at frequency FREQ Hz.

              Stop calibration sweep at frequency FREQ Hz.

              Step frequency during calibration sweep by STEP Hz (default 1 MHz).

              Set calibration bandwidth to BW Hz (default 30 MHz).

              Set calibration direction to DIR (one of RX, TX or BOTH, default is BOTH).

              Set calibration channels to CHANNELS (one of 0, 1 or ALL, default is ALL).


       LimeUtil is part of the Lime Suite ⟨⟩.