Provided by: orthanc-wsi_0.6-2_amd64 bug


       OrthancWSIDicomizer - Whole-slide imaging support for Orthanc


       OrthancWSIDicomizer [OPTION]... [INPUT]


       Orthanc, lightweight, RESTful DICOM server for healthcare and medical research.

       Create a DICOM file from a digital pathology image.

   Generic options:
       --help Display this help and exit

              Output version information and exit

              Be verbose in logs

       --threads arg (=2)
              Number of processing threads to be used

       --openslide arg
              Path  to the shared library of OpenSlide (not necessary if converting from standard
              hierarchical TIFF)

   Options for the source image:
       --dataset arg
              Path to a JSON file containing the DICOM dataset

              Display a minimalistic sample DICOM dataset in JSON format, then exit

       --reencode arg
              Whether to re-encode each tile (no transcoding, much slower) (Boolean)

       --repaint arg
              Whether to repaint the background of the image (Boolean)

       --color arg
              Color of the background (e.g.  "255,0,0")

   Options to construct the pyramid:
       --pyramid arg (=0)
              Reconstruct the full pyramid (slow) (Boolean)

       --smooth arg (=0)
              Apply smoothing when  reconstructing  the  pyramid  (slower,  but  higher  quality)

       --levels arg
              Number of levels in the target pyramid

   Options for the target image:
       --tile-width arg
              Width of the tiles in the target image

       --tile-height arg
              Height of the tiles in the target image

       --compression arg
              Compression of the target image ("none", "jpeg" or "jpeg2000")

       --jpeg-quality arg
              Set quality level for JPEG (0..100)

       --max-size arg (=10)
              Maximum size per DICOM instance (in MB), 0 means no limit on the file size

       --folder arg
              Folder where to store the output DICOM instances

       --folder-pattern arg (=wsi-%06d.dcm)
              Pattern for the files in the output folder

       --orthanc arg (=http://localhost:8042/)
              URL to the REST API of the target Orthanc server

   Description of the imaged volume:
       --imaged-width arg (=15)
              Width of the specimen (in mm)

       --imaged-height arg (=15)
              Height of the specimen (in mm)

       --imaged-depth arg (=1)
              Depth of the specimen (in mm)

       --offset-x arg (=20)
              X offset the specimen, wrt. slide coordinates origin (in mm)

       --offset-y arg (=40)
              Y offset the specimen, wrt. slide coordinates origin (in mm)

   HTTP/HTTPS client configuration to access the Orthanc REST API:
       --username arg
              Username for the target Orthanc server

       --password arg
              Password for the target Orthanc server

       --proxy arg
              HTTP proxy to be used

       --timeout arg (=0)
              HTTP timeout (in seconds, 0 means no timeout)

       --verify-peers arg (=1)
              Enable the verification of the peers during HTTPS requests

       --ca-certificates arg
              Path  to  the  CA (certification authority) certificates to validate peers in HTTPS

   Advanced options:
       --optical-path arg (=brightfield)
              Optical  path  to  be  automatically  added  to  the  DICOM  dataset   ("none"   or

       --icc-profile arg
              Path  to  the ICC profile to be included.  If empty, a default sRGB profile will be

       --safety arg (=1)
              Whether to do additional checks to verify the source image is supported (might slow
              down) (Boolean)

       --lower-levels arg
              Number  of  pyramid  levels  up to which multithreading should be applied (only for
              performance/memory tuning)


       Written by Sebastien Jodogne <>


       Copyright © 2012-2016 Sebastien Jodogne, Medical Physics Department,  University  Hospital
       of Liege (Belgium)
       Copyright  ©  2017-2019  Osimis S.A. (Belgium) Licensing AGPL: GNU AGPL version 3 or later
       This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.  There is NO  WARRANTY,
       to the extent permitted by law.