Provided by: libpano13-bin_2.9.19+dfsg-3_amd64 bug


       PTtiff2psd - Convert a set of TIFF files into a Photoshop PSD file


       PTtiff2psd [options] tiff_file(s)


       PTtiff2psd is a command-line tool that crops a TIFF image to its bounding rectangle,
       preserving its original dimensions.


       -o filename
           Output filename (defaults to merged.psd).

       -b blendingmode
           Specify blending mode for layers (use -h to display them).

       -s  Stack them.

       -r  Reverse layers.

       -f  Force processing (do no stop on warning).

       -q  Quiet run

       -h  Output help summary.

       Valid blending modes:

       0   Normal

       1   Color

       2   Darken

       3   Difference

       4   Dissolve

       5   Hard

       6   Hue

       7   Lighten

       8   Luminosity

       9   Multiply

       10  Overlay

       11  Sof

       12  Saturation

       13  Screen


       Panorama Tools was originally created by Professor Helmut Dersch, it's now maintained by
       Bruno Postle <>.

       PTtiff2psd was written by Daniel M German <>.

       This manpage was written by Cyril Brulebois <> and is
       licensed under the same terms as the libpano13 package itself.