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       STAR - ultrafast universal RNA-seq aligner


       Spliced  Transcripts  Alignment  to  a  Reference  (STAR)  software  based on a previously
       undescribed RNA-seq alignment algorithm that uses sequential maximum mappable seed  search
       in  uncompressed  suffix  arrays followed by seed clustering and stitching procedure. STAR
       outperforms other aligners by a factor of >50 in mapping  speed,  aligning  to  the  human
       genome  550  million 2 × 76 bp paired-end reads per hour on a modest 12-core server, while
       at the same time improving alignment sensitivity and precision. In addition to unbiased de
       novo  detection  of  canonical  junctions,  STAR  can  discover  non-canonical splices and
       chimeric (fusion) transcripts, and is also capable of mapping full-length  RNA  sequences.
       Using  Roche  454 sequencing of reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction amplicons,
       the authors experimentally validated 1960 novel intergenic splice junctions with an 80-90%
       success rate, corroborating the high precision of the STAR mapping strategy.


       STAR [options]... --genomeDir REFERENCE --readFilesIn R1.fq R2.fq


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