Provided by: soapyremote-server_0.4.3-1_amd64 bug


       SoapySDRServer - provide access to local SoapySDR devices over network


       SoapySDRServer [OPTIONS]


       SoapySDRServer  is  a  server that exports all locally available SoapySDR devices over the
       network.  On the other side, a SoapyRemote module for SoapySDR connects to this server and
       provides the server's modules locally.


              Run  server.  If an IP argument is not given, bind to the default port 55132 on all
              local network addresses.  IP is the IPv4 or IPv6 address to bind to.  If the either
              of the special values "" or "[::]" for IP is given it will bind to all local
              addresses.  PORT is an optional port number to use instead of the default.

       --help Display help and exit.


       SoapySDRServer       is        part        of        the        SoapyRemote        project


       The  SoapyRemote  client and server were written mostly by Josh Blum ⟨⟩
       with additional contributions from Bastille Networks.