Provided by: wmaker_0.95.8-3_amd64 bug


       WPrefs - Window Maker configuration tool


       WPrefs [options]

DESCRIPTION  is the preferences "editor" for the WindowMaker window manager. It can be used
       to set most of the preference options of WindowMaker and define it's applications menu. It
       also can change some settings that do not belong to WindowMaker.

       Although  is  designed to be easy to use, you should read the user guide to be
       fully aware of all available options and  other  features  of  WindowMaker  that  are  not
       related to configuration.

       Only   options  that  have  different  values  than  what  is  found  in  the  system-wide
       configuration file is saved.


       -display host:display.screen
              specify display to use.

       --help print a help message with the list of options

              print the version of Window Maker from which the program comes


              general Window Maker defaults.

              system wide Window Maker defaults.

              Contains the name of the file to read the root menu from or  the  menu  itself,  in
              property list format.

              This  script  is automatically executed when Window Maker is started.  WPrefs saves
              the mouse speed configuration is saved as a call for xset here.


       The Window Maker User Guide

       The Window Maker FAQ

       wmaker(1), wdread(1), wdwrite(1)


       Window Maker was  written  by  Alfredo  K.  Kojima  <>,  Dan  Pascu
       <> with contributions from many people around the Internet.

       This manual page was written by Marcelo E. Magallon, <>, for the Debian
       Project and might be used freely by others.

                                            March 2001                                  WPrefs(1)