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       aiosmtpd - Provide a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server


       aiosmtpd [options]


       This  program  provides  an  RFC  5321  compliant  SMTP  server that supports customizable


       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit

       -v, --version
              Show program's version number and exit.

       -n, --nosetuid
              This program generally tries to setuid nobody, unless this flag is set.  The setuid
              call will fail if this program is not run as root (in which case, use this flag).

       -c CLASSPATH, --class CLASSPATH
              Use  the given class (as a Python dotted import path) as the handler class for SMTP
              events.  This class can process received messages and do other actions  during  the
              SMTP dialog.  If not give, this uses a debugging handler by default.

              When  given  all  remaining  positional  arguments  are  passed as arguments to the
              class's @classmethod from_cli()  method,  which  should  do  any  appropriate  type
              conversion, and then return an instance of the handler class.

       -s SIZE, --size SIZE
              Restrict the total size of the incoming message to SIZE number of bytes via the RFC
              1870 SIZE extension.  Defaults to 33554432 bytes.

       -u, --smtputf8
              Enable the SMTPUTF8 extension and behave as an RFC 6531 SMTP proxy.

       -d, --debug
              Increase debugging output.

       -l [HOST:PORT], --listen [HOST:PORT]
              Optional host and port to listen on. If the PORT part is not given, then port  8025
              is  used.  If  only  :PORT  is  given,  then localhost is used for the hostname. If
              neither are given, localhost:8025 is used.


       The aiosmtpd developers


       2015-2017 The aiosmtpd developers