Provided by: atfs_1.4pl6-14_amd64 bug


       atfsit - A program to prepare files for version control


       atfsit [ -cFhfsmM ] [ -qad ] [ -Iflags ] [ -Rflags ] [ -tdirectory ] file1 ...


       Atfsit  is  a  semi-intelligent  program  to prepare files for ShapeTools version control.
       This involves putting the correct type of headings at the top of the file  so  that  retrv
       will update a header and log changes in the file.

       By  default, atfsit will use default headers ``hard-wired'' into itself for each different
       file type that it ``knows'' about.  (See below for list of known file types).

       If the -tdirectory option is specified, then atfsit will  use  ``.template.suffix''  files
       (where  ``suffix''  is  a  suffix  that  atfsit ``knows'' about) found in directory.  If a
       directory name is not specified  on  the  command  line,  then  the  environment  variable
       TEMPLATES  is  used.   If  $TEMPLATES  is  not set, then the environment variable, HOME is

       The following template files are recognized:

               Template NameFile Type
               .template.c Standard C
               .template.h C Include
               .template.f Fortran
               .template.shShell Script

       Atfsit is ``semi-intelligent'' in that it can guess the type of headers to put in the file
       by  the  type  of  file  (C  program,  C  include, makefile, shell script, or manual).  It
       determines the file type by looking at the name of the file.  If the name of the  file  is
       ``Makefile''  or  ``makefile'', then the file type is taken to be for make(1).  The suffix
       after the last ``.'' in the file name  is  then  used.   The  following  table  shows  the
       suffixes that atfsit knows about:

               Suffix      File Type
               c           C Program
               F           C Program (with compile flags)
               h           C Include
               f           Fortran
               mk          Make(1) file
               sh          Shell Script
               csh         Shell Script
               [1-9]       Manual (digits 1 - 9)

       If  the  environment  variable  ``ATFSDIR'' is present, then atfsit will attempt to make a
       link from it to ``AtFS'' in the current directory if the -I option is used and there is no
       directory called ``AtFS'' already, in the current directory.  If the -I option is used and
       ``ATFSDIR'' is not specified in the environment, then a normal directory  called  ``AtFS''
       will be created.  This feature can be overrided with the -d option.


       c         Force file type to be ``Standard C''.

       F         Force file type to be ``Standard C''. Add a special header-line for recording of
                 compile-time options in addition to the default header.  The inserted  line  has
                 the form static char *ConfFlg = CFFLGS.  CFFLGS must be a string value. As it is
                 very inconvenient, to define the proper value of CFFLGS from  the  command-line,
                 this feature is more intended to be used from within Makefiles.

       h         Force file type to be ``C Include''.

       f         Force file type to be ``Fortran''.

       M         Force  file  type  to  be  ``Manual''.  Note: If you also specify the ``Iflags''
                 option, atfsit will run vadm(1) to tell ShapeTools what kind of  comment  string
                 to use for the manual file.

       s         Force file type to be ``Shell Script''.

       m         Force  file  type to be ``Makefile''.  Note that this does the same thing as the
                 -s option does.  It just prints a different message.

       t         Do not use any Template files for the headers.

       q         Be quiet.  Don't print out what is going on.  Only error messages are printed.

       d         Do not attempt to make the directory ``AtFS''.  See above for more info.

       a         Turn off auto guessing of file type.

       Iflags    Check In file.  Run save(1) on the file with ``flags'' being passed onto save(1)
                 as the command line arguments.

       Rflags    Run vadm(1) with ``flags'' as the command line arguments.


       /tmp/atfsit*        - temporary buffer
       ~/.template.*   - template files to use as the header.


       Michael Cooper (mcooper@usc-oberon.ARPA)
       Modified for use with ShapeTools by


       save(1), vadm(1), retrv(1).


       Complains  about  the  usual stuff.  (i.e. - the specified file doesn't exist, or it can't
       read it...just things like that.)