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NAME - convert thebibliography environment to a bib file

SYNOPSIS [-d] [-u] [-o output] file


           Send debugging output to stdout

       -o output
           Output file.  If this option is not used, the name for the output file is formed by
           changing the extension to ".bib"

       -u  Do not clean URL fields.

           Normally "bbl2bib" recognizes URL fields of the kind "" and their
           variants and converts them to DOI fields (see also biburl2doi(1) script).  The switch
           -u suppresses this cleanup.


       The script tries to reconstruct a "bib" file from the corresponding "thebibliography"
       environment.  One can argue that this operation is akin to reconstructing a cow from the
       steak.  The way the script does it is searching for the entry in the MR database, and
       creating the corresponding BibTeX fields.

       The script reads a TeX or Bbl file and extracts from it the "thebibliography" environment.
       For each bibitem it creates a plain text bibliography entry, and then  tries to match it
       in the database.


       We assume some structure of the input file:

       1.  The bibliography is contained between the lines




       2.  Each bibliography item starts from the line



          bbl2bib  -o - file.tex > result.bib
          bbl2bib  -o result.bib file.bbl
          bbl2bib  file.tex


       Boris Veytsman


       Copyright (C) 2014-2017  Boris Veytsman

       This is free software.  You may redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU
       General Public License <>.  There is NO WARRANTY, to
       the extent permitted by law.

                                            2018-04-29                                 bbl2bib(1)