Provided by: hxtools_20180301-1_amd64 bug


       clt2bdf — convert Consoleet text bitmaps to BDF/SFD


       clt2bdf [--bdf|--sfd] [-O] [-N name] -o output.bdf directory...


       clt2bdf  scans  one  or  more  directories  recursively  for  Consoleet text bitmap files,
       collects and converts these into a single BDF or SFD file. The names of the  bitmap  files
       have  to  match the Unicode point the glyph is representing.  The default output format is

       In case of SFD generation, each pixel is transformed into a polygon. This means  the  file
       will  be  bloated,  and  you  are encouraged to run the FontForge editing tools to combine
       polygons, either via UI or the command line,

       fontforge  -lang=ff  'Open("foo.sfd");  SelectAll();  RemoveOverlap();   Simplify(-1,   1;


       -N     Display name for the new font.

       -O     Feed  the  SFD  data output by clt2bdf through FontForge for merging of overlapping
              polygons and vertices.

       --bdf  Generate a Glyph Bitmap Distribution file, which can then be  edited  further  with
              gbdfed. Use this if you plan on generating a PCF (with bdftopcf) for use with the X

       --sfd  Generate a Spline Font Database  file,  which  can  then  be  edited  further  with
              FontForge and converted to TrueType/OpenType.

       -o file
              Specify the name of the output file.