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       coveralls - Coveralls API client utility


       coveralls sub-command


       Coveralls  is  a  command-line  utility to interact with Coveralls web service to help you
       track your code coverage over time, and ensure that all your new code is fully covered.

       Coveralls automatically collects your code coverage data, uploads it to their servers  and
       gives you a nice interface to dig into it.

       Any  type  of  Ruby  project  or test framework supported by SimpleCov is supported by the
       Coveralls gem. This includes all your favorites, like RSpec, Cucumber, and Test::Unit.


       help COMMAND
              Describe available commands or one specific command.

       last   View the last build for this repository on Coveralls.

       open   View this repository on Coveralls.

       push   Runs your test suite and pushes the coverage results to Coveralls.

       report Runs your test suite locally and displays coverage statistics.

              View this repository on your CI service´s website.

              See version.


       Coveralls for Ruby uses an  optional  .coveralls.yml  file  at  the  root  level  of  your
       repository to configure options.

       The  option  repo_token  (found on your repository´s page on Coveralls) is used to specify
       which project on Coveralls your project maps to. This is only needed for repos not using a
       CI and should be kept secret -- anyone could use it to submit coverage data on your repo´s
       behalf. This shouldn´t be a concern for private repos, however.

       Another important option is service_name which  allows  you  to  specify  where  Coveralls
       should  look to find additional information about your builds. This can be any string, but
       using travis-ci or travis-pro will allow Coveralls to fetch branch data, comment  on  pull
       requests, and more.



       Coveralls configuration file for Ruby. See CONFIGURATION.


       For  more  information,  you  may  visit  Coveralls  web  site:  or

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       Coveralls was written by Wil Gieseler, with contributions from
       the community.


       This manual page was written by Miguel Landaeta


       Both Coveralls and this documentation are released under the terms of the MIT License. You
       may                 view                 the                license                online:

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