Provided by: pakcs_2.1.0-1_amd64 bug


       cypm - the Curry Package Manager


       cypm [<OPTIONS>] >COMMAND>


       The  Curry Package Manager (CPM) is a tool to distribute and install Curry (http://currry- libraries and applications and manage version dependencies between them.


       Invoke CPM:

          cypm <options> <COMMAND>

       with options:

       -h, --help
              Show a help message and quit

       -v, --verbosity <LEVEL>
              Log level for the application. Valid value: info|debug|quiet

       -d, --define <DEFINITION>
              Overwrite definition of cpmrc file with 'option=value'

       -t, --time
              Show elapsed time with every log output

       Options for <COMMAND>:

       list   List all packages of the repository

       search Search the package repository

       config Show current configuration of CPM

              Checkout a package.

              Install a package with its dependencies.

              Uninstall a package

       deps   Calculate dependencies

       clean  Clean the current package

       new    Create a new package

       update Update the package index

       curry  Load package spec and start Curry with correct dependencies

       exec   Execute a command with the CURRYPATH set

       info   Print package information

       doc    Generation documentation for current package (with CurryDoc)

       test   Test the current package (with CurryCheck)

       diff   Diff the current package against another version

              Upgrade one or more packages

       link   Link a package to the local cache

       add    Add a package (as dependency or to the local repository)

       upload Upload current package to package server

       To get more help about the usage of a command, type

         cypm <COMMAND> -h


       This manual page has been written by Michael Hanus and converted to nroff format  by  Mike
       Gabriel  <>. This man page has been written for the Debian
       project initially, but may also be used by others.