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Graphical index of GRASS GIS modules

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   Database modules:
           ·   db.columns List all columns for a given table.

           ·   db.connect Prints/sets general DB connection for current mapset.

           ·   db.copy Copy a table.

           ·   db.createdb Creates an empty database.

           ·   db.databases Lists all databases for a given driver and location.

           ·   db.describe Describes a table in detail.

           ·   db.drivers Lists all database drivers.

           ·   db.dropcolumn Drops a column from selected attribute table.

           ·   db.dropdb Removes an existing database.

           ·   db.droptable Drops an attribute table.

           ·   db.execute Executes any SQL statement.

           · Imports attribute tables in various formats.

           ·   db.login Sets user/password for DB driver/database.

           ·   db.out.ogr Exports attribute tables into various formats.

           · Selects data from attribute table.

           ·   db.tables Lists all tables for a given database.

           ·   db.test Test database driver, database must exist and set by db.connect.

           ·   db.univar Calculates univariate statistics on selected table column.

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