Provided by: hugin-tools_2018.0.0+dfsg-3build1_amd64 bug


       deghosting_mask - Creates mask for removing ghosting in images


       deghosting_mask [options] <image1> <image2> ...


       Takes a series of aligned photos, usually three or more, and generates masks for removal
       of ghosts - Data that only appears in a minority of photos.


       -o|--output <path>
           Prefix for output masks

       -s|--sigma <float>
           Standard deviation of Gaussian weighting function (SIGMA > 0); default: 30

       -i|--iterations <int>
           Number of iterations, default is (ITER > 0) default: 4

       -t|--threshold <float>
           Threshold; default: 150

       -c|--contrast <float>
           Change contrast before applying threshold; default: 1.3

       -a|--advanced <f|g|m|t|w>
           Advanced settings. Possible options are:

           f Use gray images for computation. It's about two times faster but it usually returns
           worse results.  You also have to change threshold to smaller value (around 100)
           g Use gamma 2.2 correction instead of logarithm if input images are HDR
           m Do not scale image, NOTE: slows down process
           t Use simple threshold, may result in holes in images
           w Compute "complete" weights, not only probabilities
       -w|--save <i|w>
           Advanced save settings

           i Save initial weigths
           w Save generated weigths
       -b <int>
           Image cache BLOCKSIZE in kilobytes; default: 2048KB

       -m <int>
           Set image CACHESIZE in megabytes; default: 1024MB

           Display this help

       -v|--verbose <0|1>
           Verbose, repeat for more verbose output


       LukaX Jirkovsky

"Version: 2018.0.0"                         2018-11-24                         DEGHOSTING_MASK(1)