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       extract_vba - A utility to extract a VBA project from an Excel 2007+ xlsm file.


       This utility is used  to extract the VBA project binary from an Excel 2007+ xlsm file. The
       VBA project can then be added to an Excel::Writer::XLSX file to enable it to have macros.

       An "xlsm" file is a version of an Excel "xlsx" file that contains an additional VBA
       project binary file. The "xlsm" file format is a collection of mainly XML files in a ZIP

       The extracted VBA project is an OLE Compound Document in binary format. It is named
       "vbaProject.bin" and is generally located in the "xl" directory of the "xlsm" file.

       See the "add_vba_project()" section of the  Excel::Writer::XLSX documentation for more

       Note: you can also extract the VBA project from an "xlsm" file using the standard Linux
       "unzip" command:

           unzip -j macro01.xlsm xl/vbaProject.bin

       On Windows you can use any suitable Unzip application.


           $ extract_vba file.xlsm
           Extracted 'vbaProject.bin' successfully

           $ extract_vba -h # For help.


       --help or -h
           Print the help documentation.


       John McNamara


       Version 0.01.


       (c) MMXV, John McNamara.

       All Rights Reserved. This program is free software. It may be used, redistributed and/or
       modified under the same terms as Perl itself.