Provided by: ffado-tools_2.4.1-0.1_amd64 bug


       ffado-diag - print system diagnostic information related to FFADO.




       ffado-diag prints out an extensive collection of diagnostic information about the computer
       it is run on.  Information included is the FFADO version number,  the  version  number  of
       libraries which FFADO depends on, the firewire interface card, interrupt usage, and so on.
       This is useful for developers to know when giving support via  the  FFADO  mailing  lists.
       For  anything other than trivial issues, the output of ffado-diag will be one of the first
       things asked fro when debugging a problem.


       -V, --version Display version information.  --usage Print a short usage message and  exit.
       --static Only display executable paths and libraries.