Provided by: hxtools_20180301-1_amd64 bug


       fnt2bdf — convert VGA raw fonts to X11 BDF


       fnt2bdf [-x] [-n fontname] [-w fontwidth] file


       Converts  a  raw font FNT file (4096 bytes) to a BDF file, suitable for bdf2pcf, which can
       then serve as an X11 font.

       For best results, fontname should be the same as the later filename (w/o .bdf).  Output is
       always standard output. The default for "fontname" is "defaultXXXX" otherwise, default for
       -w is 9.


       -n fontname
              The X11 font name that will be embedded into the BDF output.

       -w fontwidth
              The width of the font in pixels. VGA fonts are always(?)  8  pixels  wide  and  are
              displayed as such, but if you happen to have glyphs only 7 pixels wide, you can use
              this option to crop the glyphs for X11.

       -x     Do not do the CP437 to ANSI glyph position translation. This  option  is  generally
              useful for VGA font files that have been converted from PSF.


       To actually use fonts in e.g. xterm, they need to be present as PCF files.

       fnt2bdf -n roman roman.fnt | bdftopcf |
       gzip -9c >/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc/roman.pcf.gz

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