Provided by: libfribidi-bin_1.0.5-3.1_amd64 bug


       fribidi  -  a command line interface for the fribidi library, converts a logical string to


       fribidi [OPTION]... [FILE]...


       A command line interface for the fribidi library, Converts a logical string to visual.

       -h, --help
              Display this information and exit

       -V, --version
              Display version information and exit

       -v, --verbose
              Verbose mode, same as --basedir --ltov --vtol \ --levels --changes

       -d, --debug
              Output debug information

       -t, --test
              Test fribidi, same as --clean --nobreak --showinput \ --reordernsm

       -c, --charset CS
              Specify character set, default is UTF-8

       -C, --charsetdesc CS
              Show descriptions for character set CS and exit

              Old style: set character set to CapRTL

              Output the input string too

              Do not right justify RTL lines

              Do not break long lines

       -w, --width W
              Screen width for padding, default is 80, but if \ environment variable  COLUMNS  is
              defined, its value \ will be used, --width overrides both of them.\

       -B, --bol BOL
              Output string BOL before the visual string

       -E, --eol EOL
              Output string EOL after the visual string

       --rtl  Force base direction to RTL

       --ltr  Force base direction to LTR

       --wrtl Set base direction to RTL if no strong character found

       --wltr Set base direction to LTR if no strong character found \ (default)

              Turn mirroring off, to do it later

              Reorder NSM sequences to follow their base character

              Remove  explicit  format codes in visual string \ output, currently does not affect
              other outputs

              Output Base Direction

       --ltov Output Logical to Visual position map

       --vtol Output Visual to Logical position map

              Output Embedding Levels

              Output information about changes  between  \  logical  and  visual  string  (start,

              Do  not  output  the  visual  string,  to be used with \ --basedir, --ltov, --vtol,
              --levels, --changes

              All string indexes are zero based

              For each line of input, output something like this:

              [input-str`  =>  '][BOL][[padding  space]visual-str][EOL]  [\n  base-dir][\n  ltov-
              map][\n vtol-map][\n levels][\n changes]

   Available character sets:
       * UTF-8 : UTF-8 (Unicode)

       * CapRTL : CapRTL (Test)            X

       * ISO8859-6 : ISO 8859-6 (Arabic)

       * ISO8859-8 : ISO 8859-8 (Hebrew)

       * CP1255    : CP1255 (Hebrew/Yiddish)

       * CP1256    : CP1256 (MS-Arabic)

       * ISIRI-3342: ISIRI 3342 (Persian)

       X: Character set has descriptions, use --charsetdesc to see


       Report bugs online at <>.

       interface version 2 Unicode version 3.2.0


       Copyright  ©  2002  FriBidi  Project  (   fribidi  comes  with  NO
       WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.  You may redistribute copies  of  fribidi  under
       the  terms  of  the  GNU  Lesser General Public License.  For more information about these
       matters, see the files named COPYING.