Provided by: macutils_2.0b3-16build1_amd64 bug


       frommac - Receive files from the Macintosh


       frommac [ - options ]


       frommac  receives  files  from  the  Macintosh  and  processes them subject to the options


       In the absence of any options, frommac receives a single file and stores it  in  MacBinary
       format,  giving  the  output  file ".bin" extensions and placing it in the current working

       -3     Write files in fork format (.info, .data and .rsrc files.)

       -f     As -3, but empty data and rsrc files are not created.

       -r     Write resource forks only (.rsrc files.)

       -d     Write data forks only (.data files.)

       -u     As -d, but the codes for CR and LF are  interchanged,  the  filename  extension  is

       -U     As -u, but there is no filename extension.

       -a     Write  files  in  AppleShare  format.   This option is only valid if the program is
              compiled with support for some form of AppleShare.  The current directory must be a
              valid AppleShare folder.

       -s     Write received files to standard output in MacBinary format.

       -l     List every file received.

       -m     Receive  multiple  files.  Entering ^X (CNTRL-X) after the last file will terminate
              the program.

       -x     Use the XMODEM protocol for transmission.

       -y     Use the YMODEM protocol for transmission (not yet supported.)

       -z     Use the ZMODEM protocol for transmission (not yet supported.)

       -o     Use the pre-beta version of XMODEM.

       -T     Allow for time-out detection during the protocol.  Normally you will not need  this
              option  because  on  occasion,  when  network  delays  do occur, time-out detection
              interferes with a good transmission.  Also, when for some reason the connection  is
              broken  the program will normally receive a hang-up signal and terminate.  However,
              in some situations it might be necessary to  early  detect  time-outs  (because  of
              communication  loss  or  whatever,  without  loss of connection).  You should check
              whether use of this option has profits in your situation  or  not.   Normally  when
              transmission  errors  did  occur  entering  a  number  of  times  ^X (CNTRL-X) will
              gracefully terminate the program.

       -V     Gives the patchlevel of the program, and  other  information.   Other  options  are
              ignored and the program quits immediately.

       -H     Give  short  information  about  the  options.   Other  options are ignored and the
              program quits immediately.


       As this is a beta release, there may still be some problems.




       Dik T. Winter, CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (

       Parts of the code are based on codes from: Dave Johnson.