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       fs_listcells - Displays the database server machines known to the Cache Manager


       fs listcells [-numeric] [-help]

       fs listc [-n] [-h]


       The fs listcells command formats and displays the list of the database server machines
       that the Cache Manager stores in kernel memory for its home cell and foreign cells.

       At each reboot of the client machine, the Cache Manager copies the contents of
       /etc/openafs/CellServDB into kernel memory. To modify the list between reboots, use the fs
       newcell command.


           Displays each database server machine's IP address rather than hostname.

           Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


       The output includes a line for each cell included in the Cache Manager's kernel memory
       list, in the following format:

          Cell <cell> on hosts <database server machines>

       The Cache Manager stores IP addresses, but by default has them translated to hostnames
       before reporting them, by passing them to the cell's name service (such as the Domain Name
       Service or a local host table). The name service sometimes returns hostnames in uppercase
       letters, or an IP address if it cannot resolve a name.

       Using the -numeric flag bypasses the translation to hostnames, which can result in
       significantly faster production of output. The output includes IP addresses only.


       The following example shows output for several cells as illustrations of the different
       formats for machine names:

          % fs listcells
          Cell on hosts
          Cell on hosts DB1.FS.EXAMPLE.ORG
          Cell on hosts




       CellServDB(5), fs_newcell(1)


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