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       ftpwho - show current process information for each FTP session




       The  ftpwho  command  shows  process information for all active proftpd connections, and a
       count of all connected users off of each server.  Proftpd sessions spawned from inetd  are
       counted separately from those created by a master proftpd standalone server.


       -h,--help   Display a short usage description, including all available options.

       -f,--file scoreboard-file
                   Specify  the  full  path to proftpd's run-time scoreboard file (configured via
                   the  ScoreboardFile  directive  in  proftpd.conf  ).   If  proftpd's   default
                   directory  has  been  changed  via  this  directive,  ftpwho  must  either  be
                   recompiled, or this option must be used in order to find proftpd's scoreboard.

       -o,--outform format
                   Specify  an  output  format.   Currently,   three   formats   are   supported:
                   compat,oneline   and   json.    The   compat   format  is  used  for  backward
                   compatibility.  The oneline format causes all of the fields for a  session  to
                   be  displayed  on  a single line, for ease of line-based searches (e.g. grep).
                   The json format emits all of the information as a JSON object.

                   Reports additional information for each connection, such as  the  remote  host
                   and current working directory.  -S,--server server-name Specify the ServerName
                   for a  specific  virtual  host.   If  used,  ftpwho  will  only  show  session
                   information for the given virtual host.




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                                            March 2003                                  ftpwho(1)