Provided by: freetype2-demos_2.9.1-3_amd64 bug


       ftstring - string viewer


       ftstring [options] pt font ...


       ftstring  displays a text string with the given font, allowing to change various rendering
       and display options interactively.

       pt     The point size for the given resolution.  If resolution  is  72dpi,  this  directly
              gives the ppem value (pixels per EM).

       font   The  font file(s) to display.  For Type 1 font files, ftstring also tries to attach
              the corresponding metrics file (with extension `.afm' or `.pfm').

       This program is part of the FreeType demos package.


       -w w   Set the window width to w pixels (default: 640px).

       -h h   Set the window height to h pixels (default: 480px).

       -r r   Use resolution r dpi (default: 72dpi).

       -e enc Specify encoding tag (default: no encoding).  Common values: unic  (Unicode),  symb
              (symbol), ADOB (Adobe standard), ADBC (Adobe custom).

       -m text
              Use text for rendering.

       -v     Show version.