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       g.gui.mapswipe  - Interactively compares two maps by swiping a visibility bar.


       general, GUI, display


       g.gui.mapswipe --help
       g.gui.mapswipe    [first=name]    [second=name]    [mode=string]    [--help]   [--verbose]
       [--quiet]  [--ui]

           Print usage summary

           Verbose module output

           Quiet module output

           Force launching GUI dialog

           First (top/right) raster map

           Second (bottom/left) raster map

           View mode
           Options: swipe, mirror
           Default: swipe
           swipe: swiping the upper map layer to show the map layer below
           mirror: synchronized maps side by side


       The Map Swipe is a wxGUI component which allows the  user  to  interactively  compare  two
       raster  maps  of  the  same  area  by revealing different parts of the raster maps.  It is
       useful e.g. for comparing raster maps from different  time  periods.   Map  Swipe  can  be
       launched from the menu File -> Map Swipe.

       Map Swipe allows you to:

           ·   switch orientation of the swipe line (horizontal or vertical)

           ·   zooming, panning

           ·   automatically  load  maps  when opening Map Swipe with two selected raster maps in
               Layer Manager

           ·   compare 2 raster maps or load different combinations of raster and vector maps and
               set transparency (advanced mode)

           ·   save display to graphics file

           ·   display text labels with map names

           ·   choose  between  ’swipe’  mode  (default)  and  ’mirror’  mode  (synchronized maps
               displayed side by side)

           ·   change the appearance of cursor in ’mirror’ mode (available in Map Swipe settings)
       Pre and post disaster images of the tsunami in Japan in 2011. The upper MODIS image  taken
       on  February  26,  2011, shows the coastline under normal conditions while the lower MODIS
       image on March 13, 2011, shows a clear view  of  tsunami  flooding  along  the  coastline.
       Water, black and dark blue in these false-color images, still covers the ground as much as
       five kilometers (three miles) from the coast.  Source: Earth Observatory/NASA


       wxGUI components

       See also the user wiki page.


       Anna Kratochvilova, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

       $Date: 2012-03-07 13:21:57 +0100 (Wed, 07 Mar 2012) $


       Available at: wxGUI Map Swipe source code (history)

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