Provided by: git-buildpackage-rpm_0.9.14_all bug


       gbp-rpm-ch; - Generate the RPM changelog from git commit messages


       gbp rpm-ch [--version] [--help] [--verbose] [--color=[auto|on|off]] [--color-scheme=
                  COLOR_SCHEME] [--tmp-dir= DIRECTORY] [--vendor= VENDOR] [--packaging-branch=
                  BRANCH-NAME] [--packaging-tag= TAG-FORMAT] [--ignore-branch] [--packaging-dir=
                  DIRECTORY] [--changelog-file= FILEPATH] [--spec-file= FILEPATH] [--since=
                  COMMITISH] [--no-release] [--[no-]git-author] [--[no-]full] [--id-length=
                  NUMBER] [--ignore-regex= REGEX] [--changelog-revision= REV-FORMAT] [--git-log=
                  GIT-LOG-OPTIONS] [--spawn-editor=[always|release|no]] [--editor-cmd= EDITOR]
                  [--customizations= CUSTOMIZATION-FILE] [PATH1 PATH2]


       gbp rpm-ch reads git commit messages up to the current  tip  of  the  current  branch  and
       updates the RPM changelog from them.

       By  default,  gbp  rpm-ch  tries to guess the last Git commit documented in the changelog.
       Alternatively, --since can be used to tell gbp rpm-ch at which point it  should  start  in
       the Git history, or, --all to use all commits from the Git history.

       The  additional  path  arguments  can  be used to restrict the repository paths gbp rpm-ch
       looks at. For even more detailed control, you can use --git-log to restrict the  generated
       changelog entries further. E.g. by using --git-log="--author=Foo Bar".


              Print version of the program, i.e. version of the git-buildpackage suite

       -v, --verbose
              Verbose execution

       -h, --help
              Print help and exit

              Whether to use colored output.

              Colors  to  use  in  output (when color is enabled). The format for COLOR_SCHEME is
              '<debug>:<info>:<warning>:<error>'.  Numerical values and color names are accepted,
              empty  fields  imply the default color. For example, --git-color-scheme='cyan:34::'
              would show debug messages in cyan, info messages in  blue  and  other  messages  in
              default (i.e. warning and error messages in red).

              Base directory under which temporary directories are created.

              Distribution vendor name.

              The  branch  in  the  Git  repository the package is being developed on, default is

              Don't check if the current branch matches PACKAGING-BRANCH.

              Tag format used, when tagging releases, default is %(vendor)s/%(version)s

              Subdirectory that contains the RPM packaging files.

              Relative path to the changelog file to use. Special value auto causes gbp to guess,
              SPEC  uses the spec file, CHANGES uses a separate changelog file (name derived spec
              file name with .spec suffix replaced by .changes).  Guessing logic is  simple:  use
              separate changelog file if it is found, otherwise use the spec file.

              Relative  path to the spec file to use. Special value auto causes gbp to search and
              guess.  Other values cause the --packaging-dir option to be ignored: the  directory
              of the spec file is used, instead.

              Start reading commit messages at COMMITTISH.

              Do not create a new changelog section, just update the last changelog section.

              Include the full commit message in the changelog output.

              Options passed on verbatim to git-log(1).

              Include N digits of the commit id in the changelog entry. Default is to not include
              any commit ids at all.

              Ignore lines in commit message matching REGEX when generating the changelog.

              Format string to use for revision field in  the  changelog  header.  The  following
              string  fields  are accepted: %(upstreamversion)s the upstream version; %(release)s
              the  rpm  patchlevel,  i.e.   Release;  %(version)s  full  rpm   package   version;
              %(tagname)s  tag/commit, i.e.  basically what git-describe would give.  If empty or
              not defined the default from packaging policy is used.

              Ignore commit lines matching REGEX when generating the changelog.

              Use and from git-config(1) for the changelog header.

              Whether to spawn an editor: always, when doing a release or never.

              The editor to use for editing the changelog.

              Load Python code from CUSTOMIZATION-FILE.  At the moment, the only useful thing the
              code can do is define a custom ChangelogEntryFormatter class.


       Additional  to  the  above  options  the formatting of the new changelog entries (one-per-
       commit) in the changelog can be modified by special tags (called Meta Tags) given  in  the
       git  commit  message.  The tags must start at the first column of a commit message but can
       appear on any line. They are of the form Tagname: VALUE. Valid Meta Tags are:

       Git-Rpm-Ch: ACTION
              Supported actions are: Ignore which will ignore this  commit  when  generating  new
              changelog  entries.   Short which will only use the description (the first line) of
              the commit message when generating the  changelog  entry  (useful  when  --full  is
              given)  and  Full  which  will  use  the  full  commit  message when generating the
              changelog entry (useful when --full is not given).

       [Close|Closes|...]: BUGNUMBER
              Indicate in the changelog entry that bug BUGNUMBER was addressed in this commit.

       The following git commit message:

             Document meta tags

             so one doesn't have to consult the manual

             Git-Rpm-Ch: Short
             Closes: #636088

       Results in this changelog entry:

             - Document meta tags (Closes: #636088)


       Several gbp.conf files are parsed to set defaults for the  above  command-line  arguments.
       See the gbp.conf(5) manpage for details.


       gbp-buildpackage-rpm(1),  gbp-import-srpm(1),  gbp.conf(5),  debuild(1), git(1), pristine-
       tar(1), The Git-Buildpackage Manual ⟨file:///usr/share/doc/git-buildpackage/manual-html/
       index.html⟩ Cl2vcs ⟨⟩ ,


       Markus Lehtonen <>

                                          21 March 2019                             gbp-rpm-ch(1)