Provided by: gem2deb-test-runner_0.43_amd64 bug


       gem2deb-test-runner - runs test suite contained in Debian Ruby packages


       gem2deb-test-runner [OPTIONS]


       gem2deb-test-runner runs the tests shipped inside a source Debian Ruby package. The way
       the tests are run is configured in one of the three files: debian/ruby-test-files.yaml,
       debian/ruby-tests.rake, debian/ruby-tests.rb. See the FILES section in dh_ruby(1) for

       If called without argument in the root of the source package after the package is built
       and installed under debian/package_name, then the tests will be run using the files of the
       package installed under debian/package_name. This call is part of the dh_ruby(1) sequence
       when building a Ruby package with gem2deb.

       If the option --autopkgtest is used, the package needs to be installed on the system.
       gem2deb-test-runner will not try to load files under debian/ and will move away
       temporarily the lib/ and ext/ directory to ensure the test suite is run against the
       installed package. This is used in the context of automatic as-installed package testing,
       through the autopkgtest framework.


           Run the tests against the installed package for automatic as-installed package
           testing. Useful in conjunction with adt-run(1).

       -c, --check-dependencies
           Before running the tests, checks whether all dependencies of the package, as declared
           in the Rubygems metadata, are present. Makes the program exit with a non-zero status
           code (i.e. fails) if they aren't.

           If you want to check dependencies during the build, you can add something like this to

       -b, --check-bundler
           Check that the package can be correclly loaded by bundler. This tests that the package
           can be loaded properly by bundler with the following two types of Gemfiles. One lists
           the package as a top-level dependency:

             gem "foo"

           This will be tested by calling `ruby -rbundler/setup`.

           The other type includes the package in a group:

             group :test do
               gem "foo"

           That will be tested by calling `ruby -rbundler -e 'Bundler.require(:test)'`.


           Used to pass options to gem2deb-test-runner via the environment. For example, to make
           gem2deb-test-runner check dependencies during package build, you can add the following
           to debian/rules:

               export GEM2DEB_TEST_RUNNER = --check-dependencies


       dh_ruby(1), gem2deb(1)

                                            2019-02-17                     GEM2DEB-TEST-RUNNER(1)