Provided by: genwqe-tools_4.0.18-3_amd64 bug


       genwqe_gunzip - IBM Hardware Accelerator Tool.


       genwqe_gunzip [OPTION]... [FILE]...


       Compress or uncompress FILEs (by default, compress FILES in-place).

       Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.

       -c, --stdout
              write on standard output, keep original files unchanged

       -d, --decompress

       -f, --force
              force overwrite of output file and compress links

       -h, --help
              give this help

       -l, --list
              list compressed file contents

       -L, --license
              display software license

       -N, --name
              save or restore the original name and time stamp

       -q, --quiet
              suppress all warnings

       -S, --suffix=SUF
              use suffix SUF on compressed files

       -v, --verbose
              verbose mode

       -V, --version
              display version number

       -1, --fast
              compress faster

       -9, --best
              compress better

   Special options for testing and debugging:
       -A, --accelerator-type=GENWQE|CAPI CAPI is only available for System p

       -B, --card=<card_no> -1 is for automatic card selection

       -X, --cpu <cpu>
              force to run on CPU <cpu>

       -s, --software
              force to use software compression/decompression

       -i, --i_bufsize
              input buffer size (128 KiB)

       -o, --o_bufsize
              output buffer size (512 KiB)

       -N, --name=NAME
              write NAME into gzip header

       -C, --comment=CM
              write CM into gzip header

       -E, --extra=EXTRA write EXTRA (file) into gzip header

       With no FILE, or when FILE is -, read standard input.

       NOTE:  Not  all options are supported in this limited version!  Suggestions or patches are


       Report bugs via

   Called with:
              ARGV[0]: "./genwqe_gunzip"
              ARGV[1]: "-h"