Provided by: gfarm2fs_1.2.11-1_amd64 bug


       gfarm2fs - mount a Gfarm file system


       gfarm2fs mount_point [ options ]


       gfarm2fs mounts the Gfarm file system at the specified mount point.


       -h     display a list of command options.

       -V     display version.

       -o opt,[opt...]
              specify mount options.


       -o syslog=facility
              specify syslog facility.  default is local0.

       -o loglevel=priority
              specify syslog priority level.  default is notice.

       -E T   specify the timeout of attribute cache.  default is 1.0 seconds.

       -o gfs_stat_timeout=T
              same as -E option

       -o ncopy=N
              specify the number of copies automatically created when a file is created.  default
              is 0, which means disabling automatic replication mechanism.

       -o copy_limit=N
              specify the maximum number of concurrent copy  creations.   this  is  effective  if
              automatic replication is enabled.  default is 0.

       -o disable_genuine_nlink
              uses faked st_nlink (32000) of struct stat for directories.

       -o directory_quota_rename_error_exdev
              enables  client-side  directory  move between directories which belong to different
              directory quota.  CAUTION: such client-side move will be really slow,  because  all
              files  under  the  directory  will  be  copied  from source filesystem nodes to the
              client, and be copied back  to  destination  filesystem  nodes,  and  because  this
              operation  is essentially same with copy and remove, file owner settings may not be
              preserved, and it's possible that some directories cannot be correctly moved due to
              permission problems.

       -o auto_uid_min=N
              specify the minimum UID automatically assigned.

       -o auto_uid_max=N
              specify the maximum UID automatically assigned.

       -o auto_gid_min=N
              specify the minimum GID automatically assigned.

       -o auto_gid_max=N
              specify the maximum GID automatically assigned.


       see gfarm2fs -h


              specifies the Gfarm configuration file.


       When  there  is  not the same local account name as the Gfarm global user name, a temporal
       UID is assigned between auto_uid_min and auto_uid_max.  When there is not the  same  local
       group name as the Gfarm global group name, a temporal GID is assigned between auto_gid_min
       and auto_gid_max.

       When a temporal UID/GID cannot be assigned, setfacl(1) fails with EPERM.


       When untrusted users are registered in  the  gfarmroot  group  or  gfarm_root.{user,group}
       extended attributes of any files or directories, a Security Hole exists on the mount point
       of gfarm2fs with "-o suid,allow_other" option executed by root (even  if  either  "-o  ro"
       option  or  "-o  default_permissions"  option  is  also  specified).   Therefore  both "-o
       suid,allow_other" option and gfarm_root.{user,group} extended  attributes  should  not  be


       fusermount(1), gfarm_attr(5), gfarm2.conf(5), mount(8)