Provided by: giflib-tools_5.1.4-3_amd64 bug


       gifclrmp - extract colormaps from GIF images


       gifclrmp [-v] [-s] [-l mapfile] [-t trans] [-g gamma] [-i image] [-h] [gif-file]


       A program to modify GIF image colormaps. Any local colormap in a GIF file can be modified
       at a time, or the global screen one.


           Verbose mode (show progress). Enables printout of running scan lines.

           Select the global screen color map.

       -l mapfile
           Load color map from this file instead of selected color map.

       -t trans
           Change color index values. The change is made to both the selected color table and the
           raster bits of the selected image. A translation file is a list of pairs of `before'
           and `after' index values. At present, the `before' index values must be in ascending
           order starting from 0.

       -g gamma
           Apply gamma correction to selected color map.

       -i image
           Select the color map of the numbered image.

           Print one command line help, similar to Usage above.

       If no GIF file is given, gifclip will try to read a GIF file from stdin.


       ·   The default operation is to dump out the selected color map in text format.

       ·   The file to load/dump is simply one color map entry per line. Each such entry line has
           four integers: "ColorIndex Red Green Blue", where color index is in ascending order
           starting from 1.


       Gershon Elber.